"Feast your eyes, Rest your heart, Feed your soul"

- Jess de Boer

My paintings are colourful abstracts which come to live thru my energy and intuition.
My art comes with a message. It challenges you to feel, think and heal. To open your mind and heart.

Sometimes the message is soothing, sometimes it can be confronting. But it is always honest.
Are you ready?

Hi! I'm Jess de Boer

Jess de Boer

It is my passion to create colourful abstract art that come with a message.
Let’s bring some colour into this world!

The latest additions to my gallery, where you can also order one of my works.

"Bend the Rules"
"Imperfection is Balance"

What others say about my work

M & T
Omaha, Nebraska

During the spring of 2021 my wife and I were fortunate enough to bring this piece of art into our Omaha, Nebraska, USA home.
We have always enjoyed art that brings color into our hearts, minds, and home, and this special piece has done just that.

Read the full testemonial HERE

T & S
Spa, Belgium

I chose this painting purely on intuition. I couldn’t even take time to think about it. I just felt that this was the one and I knew that my partner would love this one as well.
And he did! He especially loves the bright colour palette, the different layers and details when looking closer at it.

Read the full testemonial HERE

Where to see my work?

  • 6 january 2022- 12 february 2022
    Exhibition at the Pullman Hotel, Munich, Germany via Bubble Art Projects.
  • 11 november 2021 – 10 january 2022
    Exhibition at the Hilton Hotel Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France via Bubble Art Projects.
  • 23 november 2021 – 23 january 2022
    Exhibition “Visitekaartjes” at Galerie Paterswolde, the Netherlands.
  • 4 december 2021 – 22 january 2022
    Exhibition at the Hilton Hotel Cologne, Germany via Bubble Art Projects.

Keep an eye out for where you van see my work!

  • 24 september 2021 – 10 november 2021
    Exhibition at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium.
  • 1 october 2021 – 3 november 2021
    Exhibition at Kulturhus De Eendracht, Giethoorn, the Netherlands as a part of Atelierroute Weerribben Wieden, Steenwijkerland.

             For a full list of where my work has been click HERE


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