"Anything is possible. That's the freedom of art!"
- Jess de Boer

'I want to create'

Jess de Boer has worked 20+ years as a part time artist. Since 2019 she works as a full time artist and has completed several art courses and is still growing her knowledge and skills to this day. Her work has been exhibited and sold world wide. She has been published several times and since 2022 she has been admitted as a member of the NABKPro (the professional Dutch Association of Visual Artists).

She paints intuitive yet with intention, playfully experimenting but always come back to her signature style: wavery thin layers, depth, structures and texture and an abundance use of colour.

Jess de Boer gets inspired by nature and the enormous amount of details one can find when being outside. Emerging herself in a world of wonder to feed her senses. People have wondered whether she’s okay when they spotted her looking at a field or a boulder for quite a while… or when stroking an old tree… totally mesmerized…

For Jess, the diversity in nature reflects the perfect society: We all bring something unique to the table. If all of our colours may connect, together, we form an endless story full of adventure that can teach us and provoke to think outside of the suffocating box of social comparison. Like in nature all of us are equally important, however small our role might seem. Her work tries to reflect this by showing many details that sometimes are only visible for those who dare to seek further, go deeper.

Member of NABK – Dutch National Association for Visual Artists.