"Anything is possible. That's the freedom of art!"
- Jess de Boer

'I want to create'

That was basically the answer everyone got when they asked me what I wanted to do with my life.

I was always making things.
Always picking up pebbles or pieces of wood to feel their structures.
Or I would watch how the sun light played with the leaves on the trees for hours on end.
I gazed at the shapes of the clouds and the magical colours of the wings of the many birds in the woods…

Nature has always been a wonderful source of inspiration yet I try to draw and paint what I feel, not always what I see.

My journey has so far led me thru many stations in life. Many lessons I have learned along the way and they shown me that it is vital to stay connected with yourself and true to who you are. 

Thru my art I see even more how important that message is. And I feel that art can help us understand that message even more.

Maybe that’s why I paint… to understand our life lessons even more. Or maybe it’s quite the opposite?

Member of NABK – Dutch National Association for Visual Artists.