My Manifest

More compassion for ourself, for others on our planet. Humans and Animals. A more peaceful, mindful delay in our life that allows us to feel, heal, know and be.
A believe and trust that we will be able to overcome what ever we come across on our path. That we will even thrive. That we will come out stronger. That it will enrich you and your life.

It truly hurts me to see how many people live in a strict pattern of social rules without ever daring to ask themself who they really are or who they want to be. What really moves them and how they could go back to their basis… to their true self. I believe it’s sad to see that we do not stimulate this form of self care any more. Quite the contrary; more and more people seem to become numb, lonely and grey. Lost. I felt lost.

And I find it difficult to see that a lot of people seem to just accept this as their life, saying stuff like ‘Oh well, that just the way it is’. But, No! That’s not just the way it is! You have choices, options!
You always have options!
You, yourself, can have quite a significant influence on how your life is and will be. I’d say: grab those chances and LIVE! Some years ago I was below zero, thought I couldn’t go on. And at some point I scraped up my last courage and grabbed my chances and look where it took me! I’m living my dream!

I Believe

I believe that colourful art can help us to live our most beautiful life. Colours can motivate us to take steps in confidence towards that life. Back to our basis. Back to ourself. Colours are like a loving and warm message gently reminding us how we are staying on the right path by taking steps towards our goal. However small those steps might be. Now, our goals may differ but aren’t they’re always rooted in the connection with our own true self and the believe that we know what’s best for us?

We can do so much more than we dare to believe!

Are you with me?

People that dare to feel again and that want to re-connect with their own true self, are my kind of people!
People that dare to fall on their face in this adventure that is called Life, and that know that it really doesn’t matter how many times we go down but that it merely matters how many times we get up and go on, are my kind of people!
People that love colourful art and that believe, like me, that colourful art can enrich our life. Who believe that colourful art can support us and guide us through the process of growth towards our goals, are my kind of people!

You know, when I leave this planet I don’t just want to know that I got every thing out of this life. I want to be able to trust on it. When I look back, I want to able to believe that the choices I made and the options I took ALL contributed to my most colourful life.

When the time comes that I wont be around any more to be able to motivate people with my speaking or singing voice, but just though my art, it is my deepest wish that my art will still carry my message of compassion, tranquillity and freedom.

And that my kinda people, that YOU, will be able to shape your goals more specifically. That my art strengthens your believe in whether you are going to reach your goals. And that you still can take comfort from my message and feel the courage to move forward in order to reach your goals.

On your way to your most colourful self in your most colourful life. You got this!

Feel free to reach out if you would like me to help you to live your most colourful life.

I’m here for you.


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