What others say about my work


During the spring of 2021 my wife and I were fortunate enough to bring this piece of art into our Omaha, Nebraska, USA home. We have always enjoyed art that brings color into our hearts, minds, and home, and this special piece has done just that. There is a warmth and optimism we find in the presentation, and we have chosen to place it just outside our home office space so that we can see it every time we enter and while seated at the desk.

It originally was created in a horizontal presentation, but, for our home, we found that the vertical set up spoke to us. Gratefully, Jess was not at all offended by our display choice. She thought it was wonderful we stayed true to our self.

We have gotten to know Jess through some shared interests which brought us together through an online community, and we’ve since found a true love for her creations. She was kind enough to pack and ship this beautiful work which arrived much more quickly than expected, and was in perfect condition without any issues. We are grateful to own such a lovely work created by the talents and soul of Jess. We look forward to adding to our humble de Boer collection.
M & T (art collectors)
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

This piece is sold. You can still see it here.


I chose this painting purely on intuition. I couldn’t even take time to think about it. I just felt that this was the one and I knew that my partner would love this one as well.
And he did!
He especially loves the bright colour palette, the different layers and details when looking closer at it. It brings contrast and a certain depth to this piece. Abstract work feels for him like feeding his brain with sweets; all shapes and colour interconnections are appealing to it. Even when what you see you don't always understand right away.

After choosing this painting I heard the message of it which was very interesting and that gave the painting a personal touch. It also reflected Jess as an Artist: I felt impressed by the authenticity of the painting. To me, this IS Jess. It’s truly a one of a kind.

We enjoy our painting on a daily basis, we chose a smaller painting (or did it choose us?) and the scale of it allowed us to hang it in the staircase, so we can see it several times a day.
We didn't have to worry about bringing it home safe, it was beautifully wrapped for us. A kind note was also included as a little surprise! We are very happy with our painting!
T & S (art collectors)
Spa, Belgium

This piece is sold. You can still see it here.