What inspires me as an Artist – Part one

I would love to give you a simple answer but I can’t really put this in a few words.
Or images. Like a mood board I can show you. No worries though, we’ll work around that!
After all, creativity is my thing!

Ready to go on a journey with me?

Like a trip through my mind, how it works and how I perceive things around me?
Let me show you how the world we live in awakens the artist in me and makes me want to dive into my studio to translate all the input in to my paintings. For you to enjoy.

Sounds, shapes, colours, structures…

The list is endless! The sound of a singing bird, the shape of a cloud or an incoming wave. How the surface feels I’m walking on, preferably barefoot to really feel it.
I have a very broad music taste and I love books!
How the sunlight plays with the long autumn grasses on an abandoned field that seem to be these lonely single dancers in the wind but together perform this beautiful contemporary group act.


I have a big love for trees! Their shapes, the structures on their bark and leaves. Their colours. And how they harbour so much life…

Even when the tree falls down it still is such a rich source of life.
Luckily we live close to woods and we have a lot of trees around our house as well.

Yet what inspires me the most about trees is their majestic appearance and strength to outlive most of the storms. Sure, they might lose a branch here and there. But they stay deeply rooted and grow new leaves every single spring and even new branches! For me that’s a hopeful metaphor of how to be resilient in life: be like a tree!

You see I could go on for ages about things that inspire me but it would take you forever to read!

How about I’ll head out for now for a walk in the woods…
And I will tell you more about what inspires me in part two of this Blog?

Jess x

PS : In a future Blog I will share my views on self-care and how important it is to me, as an Artist. Be sure to subscribe to my e-mail list so you don’t miss that! No strings attached, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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