What inspires me as an Artist – Part two

In part one of these Blog series I already told you about what makes the artist in me want to dive in to my studio to paint. Since there are so many things that inspire me and to avoid writing a whole book about it I pick it up here, today in part two.

“The sky is everything”

– Robert Irwin (born 1928) American Installation Artist

I love skies!

Fun Fact about me: It has happened more than ones that people ask me, when passing me on a walk, why I look up constantly. “Is there something wrong?” “Nope, I’m looking at the skies”. I bet, it looks a bit crazy to them. But it makes perfect sense to me!

There is so much to see in the skies! And there’s something about how the sun comes up and goes down again. All the colours and shapes that she gives to the sky! I can sit for hours on end in the grass to watch those skies, completely in awe. In stillness. Almost meditating.

Jess Selfie

And it is such a hopeful thing too, isn’t? No matter what happens; the sun will always come back to you. Even if we don’t see her every day, she is there. That’s a reassuring thought for me. However dark and rainy days may be: there will always be sunshine again!

Solar energy to recharge heart and mind

I struggled with depressions and anxieties in my life quite a bit and sometimes still do. And it helped me time and time again to be out in nature and to soak up the sun. Everything looks so much more friendly if the sun shines, too! Life is just more relaxed somehow when the sun shines.

Do you love the skies? What do you see when you look up?

Jess x

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