FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! How can I Help?

What are your full details?
Jess de Boer | Abstract Artist
Burgemeester G.W. Stroïnkweg 123, 8344 XN Onna – The Netherlands
Registered at KvK / Dutch Chambers of Commerce under 83758984
Phone number: (+31) 637 595 182
You can also contact me

How do I order / Is there a webshop? How do I pay for my new art?

I do not have a webshop as yet, but I am working on it. If you would like to purchase a piece of original art made by me you can do so by contacting me here. Ones we have agreed which piece you would like to purchase I will sent you an invoice for your new art. As soon as this invoice is payed for by bank transfer I will ship your new art, wherever you are in the world.

Do you ship internationally? How is shipping taking care of?

I do ship world wide and always insured with Track and Trace. Mostly with PostNL (Dutch postal service). If PostNL is not the best option to ship your new art work with I will choose the postal service that can offer and guarantee the best service for your art delivery. Your new art work will be safely packed and if you order a piece which costs more than €500,- I will pay the shipping costs for you. I will keep you updated on every step along the way of your art delivery as it is travelling towards you. It is an exciting process that I gladly share with you. If you would like to order your new art work, you can do so here.

Do you accept commissioned projects?

I work by using my energy and intuition and so it’s not possible to steer the painting process a full 100%. However, if you would like an original art work by me in a certain size, and you love my style of colours, textures or structures in general, feel free to contact me to see whether we can work something out. Maybe you have a favourite colour that I can work with?

Let me know here. I’ll gladly brainstorm with you!

Do you have an email list?

Yes! You can subscribe here. It will keep you updated about my newest work, special editions, new series, special offers, new blogpost and upcoming events. Be sure not to miss out! And don’t worry I will treat your inbox with the upmost respect and not spam you. I am way too busy painting anyway.

What are your payment terms? / Do you offer installment payment plans?

Payments should be done by Bank Transfer. You will receive the bank account number when you have decided on which piece should be your new art work. If you choose to purchase an art work payments should be in received by Jess de Boer | Abstract Artist within 8 days after receiving the invoice. When the payment is received by me I will immediately ship your new art work (note that if the payment is received before the 8 days are over, your art work will start its journey sooner too).

If the payment is not received within 8 days, or at least on the 8th day, the painting will not be shipped. However, I will contact you (at a maximum of twice) to check whether you are still interested. Note that I will have the right to sell the painting to someone else if the payment failed twice. I do not offer installment payment plans.

Do you have a return policy?

I do not accept returns. However, if a work is delivered damaged (and it was clearly during transport to your home), please contact me right away here so we can work things out. I will do my best to solve the situation.

Do you rent or lease your art and what are your fees?

I do not rent or lease my art.

Do you give out gift cards?

Yes! Giving an Art Gift Card is a lot of fun for both the giver and the receiver!
I can provide a personalized Art Gift Card with a small art work on the front made by me especially for this gift card. We can discuss the value of the Art Gift Card and I’ll gladly personalize it to your needs. Note that the gift card should be at least €25,- to start. I can sent it to you or to the lucky receiver as an unexpected surprise. That is up to you.

Let me know here what suits you best so we can make someone happy!

In what galleries is your art currently available throughout the world?

My work has been, is and will be exhibited on a regular basis in multiple Hotels (such as the Hilton and Pullman) in several European cities, such as Paris, Antwerp, Cologne, Munich, Stockholm, Malmö, Brussels, etc. via Bubble Art Projects.
My work is part of the ‘Visitekaartjes 2021’ exhibition in Galerie Paterswolde, The Netherlands and in de Kunstboutique DutchArtsySouls in Havelte, The Netherlands.

I will keep the Events Page updated so you can check where my work is currently shown as well as in the near future. For reference it also shows past events and exhibitions.
If you would like to be kept informed about my art, new works, exhibitions and new blogpost you can subscribe to my email list here.

Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?

Yes, please feel free to contact me here.
I am free to work with other galleries and looking forward to collaborations.

Do you accept visitors at your studio?

I would love to show you my studio! Due to the pandemic (Dutch) Covid rules apply when you visit and I only work on appointment so that I may take the time to answer all your questions. Appointments are free of charge, you don’t have any obligations to purchase and I’ll put the kettle on. You can contact here. I’m looking forward to meet you!

Do you help customers with the selection of frames for your artwork?

I understand that some collectors would like to see art works framed, however I mostly advice against it. My art works are best portrait without an additional frame as their colours will have more impact that way. Frames often stop the art work of having their maximum impact. It’s like trying to put a rainbow in a box. Meh. However, if you really would like to put a frame around it I would suggest going for a colour and material that is found in your home already. That way the frame blends in and the painting still has a good impact. You can see some ‘in situ’ pictures in my gallery for some inspiration of how that may look in a mock up room.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for here, then please contact me here! I might be painting or at an exhibition so it might not be the same day. However, I will get back to you as soon as possible and always with 3 working days. Thank you for understanding!