Paterswolde Exhibition

Every piece is 10x10x4cm, Acrylic on a cotton canvas and a wooden frame.
Currently part of the exhibition ‘Visitekaartjes 2021’ at Galerie Paterswolde, The Netherlands.
Due to the national lockdown the exhibition is now represented online via Galerie Paterswolde.

Endless Fields full of wildflowers…. Where as a child I would play and lie in to stare at the skies. So much fragrance and colour. Layers and layers of enjoyment.

Candy Waves
Fresh and juicy! Enduldge yourself in colourful shapes and textures. Like a kid in a candy store!
See the beauty of life everywhere. All the oppurtunities, every adventure that awaits you!

We all know it… sometimes you get stuck. In your work, your study or in your private life. There are choices to be made and you don’t know which way to go.
How about daring to let go a bit more and allowing yourself to make a mistake?
Ever wondered which Breakthrough you will get ones you try that?

Come with Me
Into the far deep. Into the adventure. Where our minds are free and we can just be. Come with Me.

Behind the Rain
These are difficult and weird times. But don’t give up. Even if everything seems gloomy…
There is always colour and sunshine Behind the Rain.

The Kraken
Mythical creatures…. There’s a sort of wonder about them. Is it really a myth, or have there been huge grumpy creatures in the seas? Maybe, somewhere yet to be discovered, there still are…?
We’ll probably never know! But that’s a beautiful lesson: we don’t always have to know what is ahead of us. Because we would very likely not dare to leave our houses again. Live! Live, without hesitation!