Art with a Message

Recently I had several questions about why my art comes with a message but mostly why I choose it to be such a confronting one.

How my paintings grow

It’s by me tuning in to my energy and listening to my intuition. That’s it. (Oh yeah, and skills I learned over the years and how to translate those into techniques that created beautiful paintings)

But what that means is: I never have an idea upfront where a painting may go. And by that, I have no idea which message unfolds with it. When I do try to steer the process, it fails. It’s just not how this works.
The magic will unfold itself but it will not be told. Especially not by me.

The words just appear like the image that forms my painting just appears under my hands. As long as I stay true to myself and listen to what the painting needs the message that particular painting has comes with it automatically.

I understand

Words can come to your ear but you’re not always ready to let them sink in. To let them touch your heart or even change your ways. I get that! It took me years to understand what the messages that were given to me in all sorts of forms in my life really were about. What my lessons were. More and more I learn to decipher them but I also know I’m never done learning. I still learn – and fail – every day.

Receiving lessons in life can be tough

But what if we see them like a seed that gets planted. You might not see it for weeks, months or maybe seasons… you might even forget about it at all. But under the right circumstances it will grow. Into that beautiful, unique flower that is adored by the sun. Celebrated by bees, butterflies and everyone around them…

The more seeds get planted in your field – a.k.a. the more lessons you receive in life – the more flowers will flourish. Or, even more simple: the more often you feed your brain with self-care, positive moments, gestures and words the more your heart will smile and grow stronger and more resilient to cope with whatever life throws at you.

But just like preparing a field to be ready for that seed to grow in it can be a lot of work before you actually have those lovely colourful flowers. They won’t grow over night… it will take it’s time before your effort to improve your life will be noticeable. But it’s worth it.

You are worth it.

Jess x

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